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            鑄鋼分廠現有20噸電弧爐2臺、40噸鋼包精煉爐一臺、25噸AOD精煉爐一臺、5噸電弧爐(改型)2臺、 2.5噸中頻爐2臺,年生產各種合金件和碳鋼鑄件12000噸。可生產最大毛坯單重120噸鑄件。有理化檢測室,直讀光譜儀、有超聲波探傷儀、磁粉探傷儀,并有專職技術人員負責檢測工作。

            Dashiqiao City Jinqiao Mechanism Manufactory was e stablished in 1996 , located in Dashiqiao City Jinqiao Economic Development Zone . Our plant has unique geographic advantages , we are quite close to the heavy industry cities Shenyang and Anshan , Dalian Port, Yingkou Port and Bayuquan Port, Harbin-Dalian Railway, Harbin-Dalian high-speed rail, the Shenyang-Dalian highway . The total site area of our plant is 330,000 square meters, annual output value is around 140 million yuan, annual profit tax is around 22 million yuan. Our plant has cast ing factory, machin ing factory, forging factory and assembly factory. 18 senior engineers , 85 technical personnel , 40 managerial personnel , 260 skilled workers are working here .

            Our plant is a credit Liaoning Province 3A enterprise , a promise-keeping unit with advanced quality. We ha ve passed 9001:2000 quality management system certification. Currently, our plant's products has covered power generation, mining, cement, metallurgy, refractory, mechanical heavy equipment parts and other fields .

            Our plant has been a qualified supplier to Harbin Steam Turbine Plant (Thermal Engineering Company), Harbin Large Electric Power New Technology Co., Ltd., Japan's Hitachi Ltd., Harbin Industrial Corporation, Shenyang Xin Hong Y e Import & Export Co., Ltd., Shenyang Heavy Metallurgical Mining Machinery Manufacturing Company, Shenyang Shun Da heavy mining machinery Co., Ltd., Shenyang Santai Company , Dalian Hitachi Mechanism E quipment Co., Ltd , and other m anufacturers .

            Our plant has the ability and qualification of manufacturing high-temperature, high pressure alloy steel castings, has supplied high-pressure cylinder, main steam valve, and partition sets and a dozen different products (over 3000 pieces, 8000 tons ) for the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Steam Turbine Plants , Hitachi Company , Shiye Co., Corporation and other manufacturers . Our plant has independent design and manufacture 630T, 800T, 1000T friction presses; crusher, ball mill and other products and accessories. We have supplied machinery parts to foreign-funded enterprises such as Korea-funded enterprises, Australia-funded enterprises, Canada-funded enterprises , Japan -funded enterprises and other s .

            There are one 20 - t ons arc furnace , one40tons ladle reflming furnace ,one 2 5 - AOD reflming furnace, two 5 - ton s electric arc furnace (modified), two 2.5- ton s intermediate frequency inductive stove in casting factory. The capacity of producing of various alloy parts and carbon steel castings is 12000 ton annual ly . The maximum weight of the raw products is 70-ton. There is a h igh level central laboratory in our plant . T he major equipments include: spectrometer, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic detector, and a full-time technical staff to do inspection work.

            There are one 3-ton air hammer , one 1- ton air hammer and one 3 - tons manipulator in forging factory . The capacity of producing is 2000 ton s annual ly . The maximum weight of the products is 3 tons.

            There are 1.6 m, 2.5 m 3 m 4 m 5 m ( double column CNC), 6.3 m, 8 m vertical lathe (CNC double column), two stations large scale longmen milling planer,two stations large scale bending machine, Φ200 CNC boring and milling machine , Φ160 digital-indicate Floor Type boring and milling machine , 2 m, 3.15 m hobbing machine and hundred s of other lathes in machining factory . There are totally 18 vertical lathe s, 8 boring and milling machine , 4 hobbing machine . The maximum diameter of the products is 8 meters . The maximum weigh t of the products is 100 tons .

            Environmental protection branch factory is divided into main products:single-machine dust remover ,cloth bag dust remover,wood dust remover,desulfurization and denitrification dust remover,dust bag,dust skeleton and other dust removal equipment and dust removal spare parts and other series of products

            Our plant has w on favourable comment from extensive consistent customers since establishment. Company purpose: R uling the plant by virtue , D eveloping plant by science and technology , S trict in discipline , F irst-rate service .

        版權所有@ 大石橋市金橋機械制造廠   遼ICP備10008472號
        地址:遼寧省大石橋市金橋經濟開發區   電話:0417-5900257